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9 Smart Strategies to Boost Life Insurance Sales

It is necessary to have strategies for selling life insurance. As an insurer, you work directly with people funds who invest a lot in what you are selling. Additionally, keep in mind that life insurance is such an investment product that yields no immediate return. Therefore, often people reject the idea of buying life insurance due to budget.

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In this sense, as a professional seller, it is your obligation to make people understand the importance of a life insurance policy and its benefits. So you as a seller must have effective strategies to sell your life insurance products.


The first and foremost strategy to sell your life insurance policy is to fully exploit all the resources at your disposal including the technology and the agents that work for you. We have provided some valuable strategies for you to sell a life insurance policy so you can attract loyal customers and boost your sales.

  1. Create website

In today’s digital era, customers will always look for company websites to check their authenticity. One of the vital features of the website is anyone from anywhere can assess the website. Therefore, you can use your company website to build your brand, establish your name in the market, publish your promotions and offers, describe your products, and carry out online transactions.

So make your website presentation lucrative, provide sufficient information about your profile with an established date, and add clear contact information. Provide navigation buttons such as About Us, Menu, Products, Contact, and FAQ which will make it easier for users to find the information they need.

Disable any autoplay features such as music, flash, or annoying advertising sponsors. They can sometimes make website visitors feel annoyed and give up their intention to open the site. Additionally, create website content that is mobile-friendly so that it does not cause difficulties for readers.

Use images that don’t use too large a resolution, and make the text display not too small. So that readers who access the website via smartphone still feel comfortable without having to wait too long and swipe the screen.

  1. Offer promotions

Today’s digital buyers have accelerated rhythms. Therefore, they are waiting to live relevant experiences with new products and services. In other words, they stay away from anything that seems homogeneous or is built around impersonal relationships with customers.

If you offer several plans, your existing policyholder upon receiving new options will purchase another policy from you. For example, one of your customers has purchased life insurance from you. If you explain to him about another plan such as pet insurance and offer him a discount, it will encourage him to buy this insurance from you.

  1. Opt for mobile marketing

There are numerous options through which you can market yourself, your company, and your product. Such one valuable marketing option is via mobile. Through text messages, you can reach out to more new potential customers, inform them about your various products, remind them, and so on. Here are some strategies to use mobile for selling life insurance:

  • Create more personalized experiences

You’ve probably seen an ad that asks you to text a keyword to a short number. You as an insurance policy seller can invite potential customers to text to receive a personalized quote or a guide to the questions every person should ask before purchasing insurance. Let’s say your insurance company name is ABC.

You reserve the keyword XYZ and a short number such as 1234 and then ask the users to send an SMS with that keyword to 1234. By doing this, they will automatically become part of your database, so they can receive general information about your life insurance products.

  • Policy payment reminders

Help your customers never miss a payment by sending them automatic reminders before their invoice is due. Another additional courtesy includes sending payment confirmations. This will build up your name fro your service and loyalty among your clients.

  • Schedule meetings and appointments

Say, your client wishes to schedule a meeting to make some adjustments in his insurance policy or desires to obtain detailed information on his coverage or anything. You can notify him via text about the confirmation and schedule of his meeting.

  • Notification of details and amounts of the agreement

After your client submits claims to your company, it becomes tiring for him to wait for a response. It becomes more stressful for the beneficiary of the policy to keep track of the claim process when he or she is already going through distress. Therefore, you can use the text service to notify them about the updates. This type of service can build trust among your customers who can then refer you to more of their relatives bringing you more business.

  • Customer support

Many times, your clients may not make calls or they may not receive the answer promptly in case they have any inquiries. In such cases, allow your clients to send you an SMS when they have a problem and make them feel more secure knowing that you are there 24/7.

  • Alerts about expiration of policies

Many times, people may not be aware that their policy is expiring. In such case, ou can text your clients notifying them about expiration of their policy. Send offers, promotions, discount and incentives via SMS to encourage the to renew their policy.

  1. Hire insurance agents or brokers

Different types of fraud and scams are ongoing in the market via the Internet and SMS. Therefore, people hesitate to rely on the information received from this service. In order to ensure trust and confidence, people still rely on face-to-face meetings. Therefore, it is wise that you hire a good well-trained insurance broker or agents in your company.

They can enhance door-to-door sales, explain to people the importance and benefits of life insurance, and encourage them to purchase your product. However, hiring any individual as an agent is not sufficient. Hiring a good agent is important for which you should:

  • Train your agents for effective communication

Communication represents the setting of the voice, the tone, and volume of the ego, the smile, and the deliciousness of the presentation. In society, it is important to be able to manage your emotional state (confidence, activity, drive, calmness, pride), answer questions, and ask them.

Especially important in the work of life insurance sales are the skills of influencing potential customers, and the ability to create trusting relationships. It is not enough to understand communication strategies, testing skills, psychology of perception! It is necessary to learn to listen, speak, be able to be aware and be positive. So train your insurance agents on how to communicate effectively and impressively.

  • Make them study your product

Making the agents familiar with your products is an important step to increasing your sales. It also helps the agents build the confidence they need when selling, and the fear of the client’s questions disappears. The ability to answer a question about the product immediately, without hesitation, and thoughtfully raises the authority of the agent in the eyes of the client.

This gives internal confidence in communication and the opportunity not only to flash knowledge but also to give professional advice. All this increases the status of the seller in particular and the company as a whole. It also helps your agent see your perspective, and future of the company so he becomes a loyal employee and a congruent seller of the product.

  • Ask him to follow up on his sales

Even if a customer shows maximum interest in the services you are offering, forgetting to return a call or send an informative email can cancel out a practically certain sale. As trust is fundamental when it comes to the insurance sector, your relationship with clients is very important and must be taken seriously at all times.

Therefore, remind your agents to regularly follow up on their potential clients. Even after he makes his sales, the job is not complete. Ask your agent to visit his client frequently so he can inquire about any complaints or difficulties.

  1. Use a trading strategy

Another essential aspect when knowing how to be successful in insurance sales is commercial techniques. These efficient negotiation methods allow you to increase conversions exponentially. Some of the most important sales strategies are:


The AIDDA technique is based on five stages that form the acronym of its name. These are:

  • Attention: The first stage consists of attracting the person’s curiosity.
  • Interest: Next, you must captivate the prospect with the features and benefits of the product.
  • Demonstration: Now, it is time to show how the product works.
  • Desire: At this point, you must demonstrate why it is a solution for the client’s needs and thus boost their desire to acquire it.
  • Action: Finally, you should drive the decision and simplify the purchasing process with discounts or incentives.
  • SPIN

The SPIN method allows you to build a future relationship with your clients. Like the previous technique, it also involves a series of stages that you need to go through:

  • Situation: Analyze the client’s current status and needs through simple and specific questions.
  • Problem: Detect needs or situations that need a solution.
  • Implication: Analyze and demonstrate the negative consequences of not solving the problem.
  • Need: Highlight the capacity and power of the product as a real and concrete solution.
  1. Use social media platforms

There’s no need to explain how influencing and popular social media is. Companies that use social networks to sell their insurance policies outsell those that don’t use this platform. If utilized correctly, the insurance companies can motivate from youngsters to housewives to buy life insurance policies. Therefore, we will show you the best sales techniques on social networks that will inspire you to increase your sales on these platforms.

  • Do research on different social networks

Before getting started with life insurance sales techniques on social networks, you should know at least the basics. Investigate how each of them works and what type of customer profile each one fits. For example, Instagram is a popular social network among young people and teenagers. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is popular among companies so each company’s communication tone can be more or less formal depending on its audience.

  • Investigate your client’s social media behavior

Know which social networks your customers use and how. If you understand your prospects – what they are looking for and how they want to get it, you can help them navigate the customer journey and increase the chances of making a sale. Focusing your content and interaction with them based on their behavior on social networks is one of the life insurance sales techniques on social networks that you should consider.

  • Interact regularly and reduce response time

The best social media sales strategies include staying active on the platforms. That is, generating content, but also responding to customer comments and commenting on posts from other pages, always in a positive and friendly way, of course. Plus, if you keep your pages active, your clients will know they can contact you through them.

Make sure you can respond to incoming queries in the shortest time possible. This point is very important for your life insurance sales since through private messages your customers will consult specific information about your product. The effectiveness of your response will be crucial for that person to decide to make the purchase. All customers expect to interact with someone immediately when they contact a company.

  • Create valuable content

The use of social networks is related to content, whether for business, leisure, or purchasing products. In the market of life insurance, potential clients like to watch and read content before contacting the company. Thus, generating relevant and valuable content is one of the best-known sales techniques on social networks. When uploading content keep these points in mind:

Offer more than you receive: don’t just think about content that details your product and its benefits, don’t just think about selling. Offer valuable content whose interest is to help your users, whether they are customers or not. If your content is useful, you bring them closer to converting when they need your product.

Be patient: Building a community takes time. Therefore, focus on optimizing the content and not give up if sales do not automatically increase. If you focus on being genuine, offering quality information, and taking the time to create bonds, there will be a better chance of creating brand loyalty.

  • Offer an omnichannel system

Most of the clients want to use communication channels that they are familiar with. Some may wish to interact through different channels if communication is easier. Therefore, you should be able to satisfy all types of client’s wishes.

So offer your customers a variety of channels to contact you and integrate them to speed up the resolution of queries. Your customers will appreciate that they can use different channels and that this does not mean slowing down the process or starting over from scratch if they have to change channels. Maintaining a fluid conversation is an important part of sales strategies on social networks.

  1. Use Cross-selling and Up-selling Strategies

Other sales techniques that can boost your life insurance sales are cross-selling and up-selling.

Cross-selling is the process of offering related products to customers to complement their purchase. Meanwhile, up-selling is offering more value by recommending or encouraging customers to buy additional products or services. Usually, these additional products or services come at a higher price.

For example, when your clients are interested in buying traditional life insurance, you can suggest they buy universal life insurance which provides more benefits. Apart from that, you can also advise them to choose life insurance with a rider that can meet their individual needs. This rider will provide additional protection benefits.

  1. Share your reviews and comments

Trust is vital for marketers and salespeople, including insurance companies and agents. Especially if you are new in the insurance market. Therefore, sharing your insurance policyholders’ reviews and comments on your website is vital.

With testimonials and reviews from other people that describe the insurance products you offer as worth buying, people will tend to be influenced. So they will be interested in finding out more about the advantages and benefits of the insurance products you offer.

  1. Publish your quarterly report

Every customer tries to know the financial progress of the company where they have invested. And life insurance companies are no exception. Clients who have already bought insurance policies from you will tend to know what your financial reports are.

How many claims you have compensated, how many policies you have sold, and what are your capital, profit, and loss? Therefore, it is important that you publish your financial statement every quarter and it should be authentic.


Life insurance policies are more than the business products, they are the care products. Therefore, any life insurance policy seller be it an agents or company should aim at becoming reliable and trustworthy.

However, increasing life insurance sales is also important. An increase in life insurance sales also means more and more people are becoming aware of its benefits of securing the financial future of their families. So insurance policy sellers should establish their names in the market more than any other company.

However, they also need to be sensible and responsible while focusing on increasing their sales. Follow our tips to increase your sales, be responsible, be sensitive, and be loyal.

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